Pre Exam Process Automation

Business Situation

Client is a state education board, responsible for conducting various academic and vocational courses. Client conducts examination after each semester or annually depending on the course.

Current process involves printing and sending examination OMR (optical mark recognition) based enrolment forms to individual affiliated colleges. Colleges get these forms filled up by individual students, and send them back to the board. Board outsources data capture of these forms to a third party agency.

Agency after getting the data captured prints a pre-list report that contains a list of student per college with the subjects they have selected along with other details. Pre-List reports are again sent back to the colleges for corrections.

Colleges after making necessary corrections send these back to the board which in turn sends them to the agency. Based on the correction indicated on the pre-list the agency corrects the entered data. Once the corrections are done agency generates seating arrangement for the exams and prints Hall tickets and Attendance sheets. These documents are sent to colleges and examination centres.


Affiliated colleges are located across the state; this makes sending and receiving documents a major logistical exercise. As the application forms are OMR based students find it a bit difficult to enter information and often make mistakes in subject selections. While delivering printed Hall tickets and Attendance sheets it is difficult to ensure that the right packet is being sent to the right college.

Legacy process is cumbersome, consumes lot of time and resources and is expensive and prone to errors at each stage.


Solution involved re-engineering these processes and building an application on Azure Cloud that supports a high number of concurrent users, is secure and highly available.

In the new system college enrols students through their logins. Student receives an activation link via email to activate their account. Once authenticated, the student fill up their application form and submit it. Collage verifies the entered forms and confirms that the information entered is proper. Collage is provided a window period to make further corrections to the verified applications.

After the correction stage, Hall tickets are generated and sent as a PDF attachment in an email to the students; students can access the same and print through their accounts.


The above solution resulted in,

  • Over 50% reduction in time to conduct the pre-exam process.
  • Over 25% reduction in expenses.
  • Over 75% reduction in corrections in Application Forms.
  • Business Strategy
  • Product Management

This solution also freed the Board Staff from Administrative processes, reduced dependency on external agency and also reduced their carbon foot print as this exercise resulted in less use of paper and energy.