Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobility is redefining how enterprises start, build and maintain relationships with their customers, employees and vendors. As with the web, mobility will and is changing the old business model and enabling the new ones to succeed.

According to an IDG study, 65 % of organizations that let users use mobile devices for business, report greater improvement in productivity. One of the most compelling benefits of Mobility is that it empowers information workers to act fast. Managers can be more effective if they have access to critical information enabling them to make rapid decisions, sales people can sell more if they can handle customer inquiries faster, and support staff can respond quickly resulting in more service level agreements met.

In today’s competitive environment there is zero tolerance for delays at any level. The ability to respond in real time translates into …

  • Better customer and business partner satisfaction
  • Reduced sales cycles
  • Streamlined work flow
  • Increased productivity and efficiency and collaboration
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved data collection and accuracy

As with any other technology mobility brings in number of questions that need to be addressed …

  • How can an enterprise devise a strategy that would help get desired results quickly and at the same time allow them to scale in future?
  • Which business processes should be mobilized first to attain maximum return on investment?
  • What form factor, devices and platforms to choose to roll out mobility solutions?
  • How to integrate existing systems with the mobility application?
  • Which development technology should we choose so that it helps us reuse code across Operating Systems and Application Architecture?
  • How to secure mobility applications?

It’s more important now than ever before for enterprises to decide how mobility will become a core part of their business and evolve a long term sustainable strategy that would help them satisfy their current and future business needs.

Avesta Technologies Mobility Practice offers,

  • Mobility Consulting
  • Mobility Application Development
  • Mobility Application Integration Services

To know more on how Avesta Technologies can partner with you in your mobility initiatives please do get in touch with us.