Enterprise Project Management System

Business Situation

Client provides IT enabled services to various Government Departments, Educational Institutions and Private Enterprises. Primary activity is execution of large scale digitisation projects at distributed locations.

Major processes involved in executing these projects include, Planning, Budgeting, Demand Estimation for manpower, material and equipment, Manpower recruitment, Scheduling, Procurement, Equipment Maintenance and Performance Management.

Process data captured and managed either in excel sheets or manual registers. Excel Sheets used for scheduling as well as reporting.


Most of the project done in public domain are time bound, any delay or quality issues in deliveries, result in loss of reputation for the client as well as their customers, more over these could have serious legal implications.

Major business challenge for the customer was to scale and grow their business in spite of its complex nature. This required close co-ordination, better communication and collaboration between different departments and team members. As most of the processes were managed manually it required lot of time and efforts from the top management to ensure timely and quality deliveries.


After evaluating number of options we choose to develop an integrated solution using AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a platform. The new solutions helps a user define flexible calendars for projects and resources and provides a visual scheduling tool that can be configured to schedule on multiple time frames.

Demand for resources, equipment and material is aggregated through the Activity Resource Requirement module and control reports display the exact status of each demand by activity.

Work Progress Information report helps keep track of project progress and for assessing resource performance.

Cost management indicate the “Earned Value” of the project and helps in better forecasting and controlling costs.


Implementing this solution has helped client stream line their processes, gain better control and visibility into each project, better utilization of shared resources has resulted in cost saving, has improved communication and collaboration between the team and external partners leading to increase in their productivity, and most importantly has freed the top management to focus on expansion activities with a confidence that they would be able to manage their growth without sacrificing quality or getting into panic situations to meet delivery deadlines.