In recent years there has been hardly any other technology which has been as disruptive and shrouded in as much hype as the cloud.

We help our clients understand the value cloud technologies really provide and how to leverage it to make their businesses more efficient and competitive.

Simply put Cloud Computing is hiring IT Infrastructure and Applications on contract. The difference is you are accessing these resources through Internet, and paying only for the time and amount you use them.

One of the greatest advantage of using cloud computing for a business is that it can gain access to reliable, secure and scalable infrastructure (Computing and Storage) , that makes integration between multiple locations , vendors and customers possible, which otherwise would be too far expensive to purchase and maintain.

For example there are few businesses which have the knowledge and expertise of managing dedicated servers and data storage for commercially available CRM and ERP packages. These businesses can opt for contracting these offerings as software as a services. By doing so, this will just not translate into substantial cost savings but also gain access to higher service levels in comparison to a typical on premise installation.

Even though cloud as a concept is simple, deciding how to actually move to the cloud can be quite a complex and daunting task. We help our customer decide on their cloud strategy and hand hold them through the entire cloud adoption process.

You can imagine us to be cloud integrators, after analysing your needs we can create a roadmap and recommend changes to be made to your IT operations to make it more agile and cost effective.

We bring in our own talent and vendor collaborators to help you migrate your existing infrastructure to the cloud or create one from ground up.

At Avesta we speak your language and understand challenges your business has to meet in the today’s economic scenario.

Following is a brief outline of the services we offer under our cloud practice.

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • Cloud Integration Services
  • Software –as –a-Service implementation
  • Cloud Application Development

Please get in touch with us for a free consultation on how we can take your organization to the next level, oops, to the next cloud ….