Business Models

Our business models suit most kind of project scenarios, at the same time we are open and flexible to adapt to our customer’s special requirements so as to make each of our client engagement a success.

Fixed Cost Model

Fixed Cost Model is preferred in projects where Analysis and Design phase has been completed and all the requirements, architecture and database design have been finalised. In such cases we enter into a contract with our customers to develop the project on fixed cost basis and within a definite timeline.

Managed Services

In the managed service model we provide a team of (as per customer’s requirement) systems analyst, developers, quality assurance personnel with an account manager who is responsible for transfer of knowledge, communication and project management. This model is generally preferred when the project is at a concept stage or requirements are to be simultaneously evolved along with development (scrum or iterative approach). These contracts are done on time and material basis however a hybrid approach is also possible depending upon the development methodology.

Staff Augmentation

After understanding skill set and experience requirements from our clients we recruit and provide a dedicated resource or resources who work either onsite or offsite under the client’s management. This model is adopted when the analysis, design and project management is being done by the client’s team .These contracts are entered into on time and material basis.